Eluma 2.2

manage RSS feeds & web pages
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Eluma lets to collect your favorite Web sites or subscribe to feeds directly from your IE or Firefox browser using the Eluma toolbar.
Use Eluma to organize the feeds you read every day into a personal news reader. Use it to organize research for a project at work. Or to keep track of Web sites and content around your favorite sports teams or hobbies. Eluma makes it easy to do them all.

Desktop Alerts for immediate access to important information.
RSS and Podcast subscriptions to read and hear the latest news.
Tags and content ratings so you can find the information others in the community find the most valuable.
Comments to voice community opinions.
Personalized Home section that works as a RSS/podcast/bookmark manager.
Eluma Toolbar to rate, tag or comment on a given Web page directly within the browser and to easily subscribe to any RSS feeds and podcasts published on that page.
Web notes and tools to easily organize personal content.

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